What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day 2019 – For those who have their grandfathers experienced and survived the hostility of the 1st world war; this is a day of tribute and commemoration for their strength and bravery. The annual celebration of Veterans Day is held every 11th of November and one of the federal holidays that are observed in the United States. Not to be mistaken as Memorial Day, because that is the day of tribute to those men and women who died during the war; Veterans Day salutes all the United States War Veterans.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, year 1918, that was one coincidental fate that the armistice with the Germans and the Allied nations took effect to call it quits. Later on, former US President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the ‘Armistice day’ and first remembered on 1919. On the other hand, during the World War II, the men of America are called for duty to fight against Korea. The ‘Armistice day’ then later changed to ‘Veterans Day’ by the US Congress in 1954, to honor all US military forces that fought in all the wars throughout the history. The date was easy to remember, though it was a brutal experience for all our former military countrymen.

The annual tribute starts early, where all of the American Flags in government offices, schools and monuments are hung at half mast. A moment of silence is observed, probably around 2 minutes or more, for honoring the significance of the US soldiers that fought for liberty and freedom, which starts at 11 in the morning sharp in Arlington cemetery. It is followed by church assembly and service, parade, ceremony and military exhibit.

In order for the majority of the people to join and unite on this day, the United States Government made a rule regarding the holiday. If the 11th falls on a weekday, they will celebrate it on the nearest weekend possible. If the day falls on a Saturday, government offices are closed on Friday, but if the 11th falls on a Sunday, it will be closed on Monday. Schools and private companies, however, have the liberty to decide whether to continue their operation or not, it is solely up to them.

It is truly a day to remember. Our war veterans deserve not just a day of tribute, but do not forget the sacrifice they gave for the sake of the land of freedom.

When is Veterans Day 2019?

November 11