What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day 2019 -A mother’s day celebration is an occasion commemorated every May, this celebration is recognized to honor all the mothers around the world, just as Father’s day celebrates all the fathers. The kind of event that is normally celebrated for mothers is most known as the “Mother’s Day” celebration, this could be one of the best ways to honor all the super mothers in the world, which includes the single moms, those mothers who are giving birth, the housewives, and anything that embraces motherhood.

All sons and daughters take this as an opportunity to pay tribute for all the hard work, love, care and support of their mothers. A celebration like this gives delight and happiness to mothers who are working so hard for their family, to those who are working alone to raise her sons and daughters, and to the soon to be mothers who are giving birth.

The festive event during Mother’s day began in the United States back in the early 20th century. The origin of Mother’s day came from the era of Greek and Roman’s history, however, its origins were also observed in the UK where Sunday Mothering was usually celebrated before it took place in the US.

The Woman in History

One of the most recalled woman from the earliest history was “Julia Hard Woe”, the idea of Mother’s day was first recommended by Julia back in the year 1872. She was a poet, a writer and an activist. Julia was highlighted because of her Civil War song entitled “Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

Julia Hard Woe proposed the Mother’s day celebration to be dated on the 2nd of June and should be emphasized with peace. She was a fervent writer in her time, she wrote a passionate petition for women and encouraged them to upsurge against war in her “Mother’s Day Proclamation” back in the year 1870.

She also introduced the Mother’s Peace Day adherence on the 2nd Sunday of June in the country of Boston, Julia Hard Woe’s very remarkable effort in initiating Mother’s day was later then recognized and was practiced until recent times.

Until recent times, Mother’s Day continues to dominate from home to home where mothers serve as the light of every family. The thoughtful celebration for mothers is now celebrated worldwide, and in the short history, Mother’s day has been celebrated in almost forty-six countries around the globe including UK, United States, Finland, Italy, India, Denmark, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, China and Belgium.

When is Mother’s Day 2019?

May 12