What is Pentecost?

Pentecost 2019 – One of the most celebrated holidays and feasts in the Christian church is the Pentecost wherein it commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles fifty days after Jesus Christ resurrected. According to New Advent, Pentecost is a Greek word which means “the fiftieth”, the fiftieth is the Greek name for the Feasts of Weeks. In addition to its history, the Feast of Weeks was shown on the prehistoric Israel reveling the giving of the Law on Sinai.

In the present times, Pentecost is also termed by many Christians as the “Birthday of the Church.

In About Religion, it was cited that Pentecost was mentioned in the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. This solemn celebration serves as a reflection of God’s great love for us. Accordingly, the Pentecost was part of Jesus Christ’s promise to his Apostles when he appeared to them after his death. Christ promised them that the Holy Spirit would descend to them ten days after he would ascend to heaven and joined the Almighty Father. During the Pentecost, the Apostles were given the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Through this, they started to preach the Gospel in all different languages that all people can understand. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

According to Time and Date, Christians celebrate the Pentecost by attending church services and celebrate this great time of the church. This is also to honor the Almighty Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Pentecost is also the best time of the year to celebrate God’s love for us. It is the time to reflect further on the great things and miracles that God has bestowed on us. This is also to remind us that God’s love never fails and his love for us is unconditional. The gift of wisdom of the Holy Spirit is something that all the people should celebrate and be thankful about. The observation of Pentecost allows people to show to God their gratitude for the gift of the Holy Spirit. The reflection of which can further strengthen the Christian faith and how Christians value this remarkable history as stated in the bible.

Meanwhile, the celebration of Pentecost until today construes that the Christian faith is continuously living within us. This shows that the Christian faith is alive even with the concept of new technologies and bizarre modern time innovations. People remain grounded and humble to accept that there is the presence of God and the Holy Ghost.

When is Pentecost 2019?

June 9