What is Labor Day?

Labor Day 2019 – A special day was dedicated to those hardworking labors and workers and their collective effort in progress of the society.

Every first Monday of September, ‘Labor Day’ is held in the United States annually to support and give a token of gratitude to those who are responsible for building the strength, affluence and success of the growing nation- the working class.

It was decided to squeeze Labor Day in-between Independence Day and Thanksgiving to not coincide with the Haymarket affair, the incident that happened in Chicago on May 4, 1886 commemorated by the ‘International Labor’s Day’ event every first of May; which workers aim for socialism and under the influence of the Communist Party principles. Former president of the United States Glover Cleveland sealed the agreement with the Knights of Labor and the Central Labor Union in 1887.

Around the communities, the celebration varies among groups and individuals. Students consider this day as their last chance for organizing house parties, events and music festivals prior to the opening of the new school year. At the same time, this is when Football games begin and has been highly expected by the enormous number of football fans and watchers. For public opportunity, fireworks displays and varied parades are held on the streets participated in different public or private groups and organizations.

Aside from that, government office operations are closed in observance. Years before, prominent people delivering speeches are common, but not until the present time, which seldom occurs during the electoral campaigns.

Behind the ‘Black Friday’ shenanigans, Labor Day is another chance for the shopping frenzies to take advantage of the relatively huge discounts offered by retail stores, shopping malls and factory outlets. Businessmen are always looking forward to it ensuring that the net worth of their earnings go up in this day. Ironically speaking, for those who work under this industry do not feel the ambiance of the Labor Day because they are required to report for work and do their routine job, even obliged to work overtime just to finish their job.

Nevertheless, Labor Day offers its significance to the working class and at the same time, an opportunity for every family to unite and bond on this meaningful day or even for the entire Labor Day Weekend.

When is Labor Day 2019?

September 2