What is New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve 2019 – Picturing out the arrival of New Year’s Eve provides this very delightful feeling of joy and hope. Several countries around the globe have different ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve as well as New Year’s Day. Whether it’s a football game and a display of fireworks, or the ritual sphere parades in Romania and a solemn celebration with the family, people around the world always put their best effort in celebrating on New Years.

What people usually do during New Year’s Eve

From the prior years of celebrating New Year’s Eve, people have had habits in traveling around the world to witness different representations in celebrating New Year’s Eve.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the most visited spots during the New Year. Others have considered the Eiffel Tower as the center of the celebration. Preparations are usually expected to roar for the arrival of the New Year’s Eve celebration during the first part of November.

Countries that are well known of participating big events during New Year’s Eve are Japan, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Paris, United Kingdom and several other countries around Australia and Europe.

As the arrival of New Year’s Eve speeds by, countries prepare for of big events such as concerts, festivals, fireworks shows, evening parties, get together events and more. While others enjoy a loud din on New year’s Eve, some people prefer to celebrate it quietly. Just a quiet and a simple family dinner at home or by watching updates about the event on television, a few minutes before midnight.

Most people have been involved in New Year’s Eve celebrations. This comes with a credence of bidding goodbye from the old year. Others have thought of it as their way of saying farewell to their bad habits of the old year, replacing them with a better lists of traits in the new year.

The Good Luck in Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with good luck foods that symbolizes health, forward movement and prosperity. Chinese people are most known for these beliefs. Many people from different countries follow such beliefs, especially in countries around Asia such as China, India and the Philippines.

Here are the lists of New Year’s lucky foods:

Noodles and Grains. Noodles represent long lives and grains such as barley, quinoa and rice symbolize abundance. It is believed that eating whole noodles will provide more luck and health.

Circle-shaped Fruits. Most fruits that are usually served during New Year’s Eve are circle-shaped fruits which signify prosperity and fertility. Grapes and oranges are two of the most popular New Year’s fruits. Other fruits are Mangosteens, Pomelo, Pomegranates and Cherries.

Greens and Beans. Greens and beans represent money. Green foods are usually eaten on New Year’s Eve because they signify money. Beans also resemble money and richness, they symbolizes coins. Coins are the top New Year’s lucky charms that are usually thrown on or before midnight.

Pork and Fish. Pigs are round and fish have scales, these represent good direction and richness in money. Fish’ scales resemble coins.

Until recent times, traditional practices about lucky charms on New Year’s eve still exist in the majority. New Year’s Eve is one of the most eventful holidays because it is celebrated at the end of every year, fronting the arrival of the new year.

When is New Year’s Eve 2019?

December 31