What is Boss’s Day?

Boss’s Day 2019 – Boss’s Day is recognized as a non-religious holiday, this is being perceived every 16th of October in areas around Canada, United States, Romania and Lithuania. This celebration has been traditionally and culturally done by means of giving at least a day of opportunity for the employees to thank their big bosses. The reason of this celebration does not only focus on giving credit to the bosses, but to also make and build a healthy working relationship between the bosses and the employees, this could also be one means of strengthening the company and its people as whole.

History and Background

In the year 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered “National Boss’s Day” on the U.S Chamber of Commerce. At that time, Patricia was employed as a secretary for State Farm Insurance Company situated in Deerfield, Illinois. October 16 was her father’s birthday and Patricia was working as a secretary for her father during the time she decided to push the “National Boss’s Day”. For her own views, the purpose of labeling such day was to give appreciations and gratitude for her bosses and to be able to manage harmonious relationship between managers and employees.

After four years, the legalization of the pending registration was officially proclaimed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner back in the year 1962. As years passed, the growth of the National Day Line had been observed with a 28 percent increase in the year 2007.

Though not all countries in the globe celebrate Boss’s Day or National Boss Day, it is still commemorated in big countries like Egypt, Ireland, India and Australia.

Ways of Celebrating National Boss Day

National Boss Day is not a nationwide holiday and not all countries celebrate it, but in recent times, the observance of National Boss Day has been increasing in several work places. This does not limit to countries, cultures, history or whatever differences. National Boss Day is a day any company can celebrate regardless of anything that vary among countries, if the employees feel that their employers deserve the kind of treat, they have all the right to perceive the National Boss Day.

In celebrating National Boss Day, most employees give presents to their employers such as cards, flowers, token of appreciation, gift certificates, treat and more. Everyone may not see this kind of celebration as valuable as the others, but for those employees and employers who value good and healthy relationship inside their working places see this as a motivator for them to work harder.

When is Boss’s Day 2019?

October 16