What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day 2019 – History, meanings and how people celebrate Valentine’s day… Valentine’s Day is a festivity that celebrates romantic love, admiration and friendships. It is observed on the 14th day of February each year. The month of February is popularly termed as the “Love Month” and Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. The day of extraordinary romance does not only symbolize love and affection, but like all holidays, Valentine’s Day also has a history.

The day of love known as Valentine’s day was named back in the 5th century, when a saint from a Roman Catholic Church was martyred after covertly marrying young couples that resulted in the disobedience of the marriage prohibition. Her name was St. Valentine. St. Valentine’s execution was dated on the 14th of February, around 287 A.D.

Until now, many speculations and stories have been spreading out about the real score of St.Valentine’s death, however, most of these stories were confirmed to just be rumors or murmurs.

Apart from the miserable history of St. Valentine being martyred, the day of love is celebrated with love and bliss by many people. Love comes with different angles, it may appear as love for family, for a companion or a love for a friend.

Different countries with different cultures around the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, cards, wine, booking of tickets and more, these are the common market during the love season. Most people prefer to have candle light dinners, watch movies with the whole family, a group date with friends, or a simple dinner at home.

Reasons why people celebrate Valentine’s day

It’s traditional. The ancient people from the Middle Ages have patronized St. Valentine as a patron of romance or anything that embraces love. This has become a traditional tribute until recent time.

Spreading Love. Love has always been a thing for everybody, in this very human world, a time spent with the person or people you value and love is just priceless. Valentine’s day could also be a means of peace and order, as people only exchange smiles during the day.

Taking a break. After work, this can also be the best time to take a break by hanging out with your friends, watching movies with the family or a romantic dinner with someone special.

Even though St. Valentine’s legend is not clear, most of the stories have described Valentine as compassionate, courageous and a true symbol of romance.

When is Valentine’s Day 2019?

February 14