What is Flag Day?

Flag Day 2019 – Wave those flags and be proud of your country! This day is observed in some parts of the countries and continents around the world. Flag Day is simply a single day in our calendar to mark the celebration of a significant event in a country’s history such as its acquisition.

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated every June 14th which was sealed by the Second Continental Congress in 1977. American residences display flags outside their home in observance. It is not a federal holiday in most states, but former President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed the 14th of June under historical purposes. However, in some cities in Pennsylvania, Washington, Massachusetts, and New York, it is widely celebrated like a festival with parades and full band march, raising their hands and waving their flags altogether.

In other continents like Australia, the annual National Flag Day is widely known as well. Beginning with his enthusiasm and nationalism, John Christian Vaughan, created the idea in 1984. The encouragement lasted for 5 years and in September 3, 1989, the official statement of Sir David Martin, the Governor of New South Wales in Tumbalong Park in Sydney, Australia, was delivered. The year it was honored in their government offices, with prominent politicians, major public places and in schools throughout the continent.

Another famous flag that held annual celebration is Canada. The maple leaf design of the flag simply describes the nature of the country. Before it was inaugurated in 1965, its flag design is a Canadian Red Ensign, under the rule of the British. Under the approval of the Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II, the date was officially announced as February 15. As of this moment, it is not yet a public holiday, but it is widely observed by Canadian by having public ceremonies and school programs.

Meanwhile, June 20th marks the annual National Flag Day in Argentina. It is remembered to honor the maker of the flag, Manuel Belgrano and his death in 1820. With the President attending the event, there are military exhibits, parade of war veterans and speeches of politicians, together with a large amount of spectators. It is a non-working holiday for employees and schools, both private and public.

Almost all of the countries around the world is paying honor to their respective flags. Regardless of its history, whether for adaptation, liberty or national independence, each national flag symbolizes its unique identity and wide history.

When is Flag Day 2019?

June 14