What is Memorial Day Weekend?

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 – Dead American military personnel are honored and commemorated every last Monday of the month of May. The weekend prior to this event is called the American Memorial Day Weekend. Previously known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day Weekend is the time of the year where men and women from the military service of the United States who died, especially the unsung heroes, will be remembered.

‘Time and Date’ mentioned that Americans usually put the American flag in half mast from dawn until noon during this time of the year. Others also visit the tombs and memorial spots of those who have died in the military service. Some people also place American flags on each grave in the national cemeteries.

‘DC’ cited that Memorial Day Weekend is also the best time to honor the American war veterans. The most widely visited monuments are those ones located in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, the USA government website enumerated the various activities during Memorial Day Weekend which included commemoration activities that involve the lives of the American war veterans. There is also one USA website showing the line up of dates, what people do and the lists of countries that are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.

In hindsight, the celebration of Memorial Day Weekend shows how Americans and the rest of the world pay tribute to the deeds and heroic acts of the men and women in the military service. By celebrating Memorial Day, the legacies of the well departed men and women in the military service will never be forgotten. Also, this will serve as the time to honor the war veterans who contributed so much for the independence and freedom that America is enjoying today. This gives the respect and assurance to the war veterans that their deeds and patriotism will never be forgotten, that after serving the country with all faithfulness and valor, they deserve to be remembered.

Aside from commemorating the military heroes during Memorial Day, the event also serves as an educational time for the younger generation nowadays. They will be exposed to the rich American history and how America fought so hard before to gain its independence. This also allows the younger generation to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of the past and how the men in the military service have fought so hard for the country. Memorial Day Weekend, indeed, provides inspiration to many young Americans who aspire to be heroes themselves.

When is Memorial Day Weekend 2019?

May 25 – 27