What is Halloween?

Halloween 2019 – Trick or treat! That is what the children are waiting for, gathering the most number of candies and chocolates from their neighborhood, as a first sign of their hard work and earning a sense of achievement. Costume parties are everywhere, from eccentric vampires, werewolves to funny, or sometimes, weird game costume plays or ‘costume plays’ from different otaku or gaming platform.

Families are busy decorating their households. Be not surprise of bats in the main door, pumpkins in line in the lawn with spooky animals having camaraderie , from realistic grim of horror up front the living room, human hanging in the garage, to fairy tale themed home decorations. Any home can be as gruesome as wanted; when the ambience catches the spine, Halloween Day is approaching before you can say ‘Peek-a-boo!’

But with all this festive traditions and sophistication, what is the significance of Halloween? Is the main purpose is to scare the hair out of everyone? Or does it commemorate something that one never expects it to be superficially remembered?

Associated with the fall season, October 31st is the annual date of Halloween. From the origin of Celtics and paganism, this day is a day not just for the deceased, but for saints and martyrs and the visually unseen as well.

It is also known with many names like the ‘All Hallows Eve’, ‘All Halloween’ and ‘All Saints Eve,’ Halloween is literally known as ‘holy evening’. The celebration varies from different countries but has been observed for many years.

Many fictional characters are inclined in this day, especially the ones that are often linked to the paranormal. Regarding its folklore, Jack-o-lanterns were used by guisers to repel evil spirits and negative energy. Lore is a known character among Irish people as the one that has been declined by heaven and hell. Horror movies and gothic literature are the most common on these days.

In Latin America especially in Mexico, ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ is being observed annually in connection with the Halloween. Skulls are painted in bright, vivid colors and tagged as ‘sugar skulls’ to pay tribute to the popular figures, Catrina. Sugar skulled inspired artworks and tattoos inspired a lot of visual artist to create their own version, whether it is the Day of the Dead or not.

The usual practice observed by most of the people in paying honor to their deceased loved one is by lighting candles, offering flowers with prayers and church services, not just to mourn about their deaths, but to celebrate the life they once had.

When is Halloween 2019?

October 31