What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving 2019 – One will never ever forget the Turkey in this event. This bird in the pheasant family is essential in every table for this special occasion.

Held every 3rd Thursday of November in the United States and every 2nd Monday in Canada, Thanksgiving Day is one of the major national holidays up to date. This day is to pay tribute to the abundance of the harvest during the previous year, and observed with cultural and historical roots together.

English and Protestant Reformation were the core influence of this holiday. Thanksgiving Day was first accustomed with prayers and gratitude for the harvest preceding the year. King Henry VIII then gave significance to this special day by encouraging and holding church services on the Catholic while the Protestant began celebrating the day of harvest. The first document feast was the Plymouth feast (Massachusetts). Thus, this is where it all began.

Following the United States, Canada has its own, unique, customary way of spending Thanksgiving. Though the origin of the history is still vague until now, some researchers were able to track down the date of 1578 in connection to Martin Frobisher. But instead of giving thanks for the harvest, his gratitude was his survival for discovering the way to the Pacific Ocean by heading north. The long journey was not a straight line; he encountered ice bergs and storm during the expedition. Arrived in Baffin Island, he arranged a service to pay gratitude with the help of preacher Robert Wolfall.

Another story that circulates its roots was from the French Settlers, who arrives in the shoreline of Canada, had feast together with the local people living in the area during the 17th century.

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving 2016, lots of various meals must be present during the special dinner. Of course, turkey is on the top of the list; fruit salad, fruit cake, oyster stew, creamed asparagus tips come along as well together with apple cider. If turkey is not available, there are lots of alternative poultries to choose from such as goose and duck.

Aside from the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving Day 2016 is well observed in some of the European countries with different term but same in purpose. In Japan, Kinro Kansha No Hi or Labor Thanksgiving Day is commemorated as well. It was done after the World War II to pay tribute to the commitment of workers and labor production, but still, the roots of the harvest culture remain.

When is Thanksgiving 2019?

November 28