What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day 2019 – Memorial Day previously known as Decoration Day is observed every last Monday of May each year, the day normally marks the end of the Labor Day and the beginning of summer. The celebration is recognized as a federal holiday in the United States that honors all the men and women who died serving the country.

The former Decoration Day was identified after the American Civil War and was celebrated by a commemoration of the Confederate and Union soldiers who died in the war. For the past 20 centuries, the Decoration Day was later then recognized as the “Memorial Day”, the festive holiday had been prolonged to recall and give honor to all Americans who died during their service in the military.

The observance of Memorial Day had been long perceived widely after the occurrence of the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina back in the year 1865 on May 1. During the war, almost 287 Union soldiers who were also prisoners of war died and they were unjustly buried in random graves without names. Because of the cruel incident, black residents, teachers and missionaries of Charleston gathered themselves and have organized one ceremony in the year 1865. The ceremony was enclosed by the New York Tribune and other federal newspapers, the place was later recognized as the “First Decoration Day”in the North.

Until recent times, the place remains a memory that has been looked up by many people as a symbol of true heroism.
How it is Celebrated

In celebrating the Memorial Day, many people would spare time visiting their families who died in the war or those who have died serving the country. It has also been a part of the traditional celebration that some volunteers would place their American flags on each grave in national cemeteries.
During the Memorial Day, other means of commemoration are also observed in rural areas of South America, most specifically in the mountain areas. Families can also have their own means celebration such as family reunions and gathering.

Most often, Memorial Day is perceived through religious services and picnic dinner, the dinner on the ground near the grave is most known as the “potluck meal”, potluck is normally done by eating together while sitting on the ground. It is said that the practice among families occurred after the American Civil War.

On the other side, few others have been puzzling their minds on what is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, Veterans Day commemorates the service of all U.S military veterans while Memorial Day (as well as Memorial Day Weekend) is a day of celebrating and remembering all the men and women who died while serving the country.

When is Memorial Day 2019?

May 27