What is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday 2019 – Easter was derived from a Latin word “Pashc”, Easter Sunday is most known as the Resurrection Sunday, it is a celebration of Jesus Christ’ Resurrection from death. It is also believed that the origins of the name Easter came from “Eostara”, Eostara was described as the goddess of rebirth. According to the belief, the feast of Eostara or Easter reveled the world’s resurrection and rebirth, however, the story was uncertain and has remained a gossip for many believers.

The world knows what Easter Sunday means, this marks the end of Lent, Easter originated from the book of the New Testament that states about Jesus Christ being restored to life three days after his crucifixion at the Calvary.

The week before Easter is termed as “Holy Week”, the Holy Week comprises the Easter Triduum days containing the Maundy Thursday also called as Holy Thurday, the Good Friday that honors Jesus’ sacrifices and crucifixion, and Eastertide or the Easter Sunday. The beginning of Easter Triduum also marks the end of lent, lent season holds a 40-day fasting, self control and spiritual discipline that would best describe true penance and a full preparation for Easter.

Easter Sunday is considered as a moveable feast, this means that Easter’s date does not literally follow the civil calendar. In Western areas, Christians commemorate Easter on the Sunday that directly follows the Paschal Full Moon. Easter was emphasized as the Resurrection through the years.

The biblical account supports the truth of Jesus’ death on the cross at the Calvary, and his death and resurrection after three days, the scriptures can be seen in Mark 15:16-16:19, Luke 23:26-24:25, John 19:16-20:20 and Mathew 27:27-28:8.

Celebrating the Resurrection Day is very essential for many Christians, it is their way of honoring God’s love and sacrifices.

Why is it important to celebrate the Easter Sunday?

For devotees and believers of Catholicism, Easter Sunday is one of the main teachings that centers faith and devotion to Jesus Christ. Christians around the globe honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ by attending church services, repentance and prayers during the Holy week, joining mass choirs, ringing the church bells and lighting candles. The celebration of Easter Sunday is recognized as the grandest feast of the Church’s year, this does not only commemorate God’s restoration of his death but it also signifies joy, love and peace.

During the Easter celebration, Christian countries like Spain and Philippines traditionally conduct processions. However, other people celebrate the Easter Triduum by getting in touch with getaways and escapades, other devotees and believers find it very inappropriate, especially during the Holy week, for them, Holy week must remain Holy through praying and repentance.

When is Easter Sunday 2019?

April 21