What is Christmas (X-mas) Day?

Christmas Day 2019 – Undeniable enough, Christmas Day around the world brings peace, excitement and joy among the people. The celebration is always festive and happy. Children receive the gift they had been longing for 12 months, even kids at heart. Truly, Christmas Day is one of the holidays that most of the people around the world look forward to.

Celebrated every 25th of December (the day after Christmas Eve), it is one of the most popular holidays together with the New Year. Families and relatives gather to bond and enjoy the company of each other. People smile and greet not just the strangers around them, but sometimes, even their foes, a wishful ‘Merry Christmas!’ or ‘Happy Holidays!’ The magic of this day never fails to amuse every individual in a way that is so overwhelming and joyful.

It has been estimated that the birth of Christ happened between 7 and 2 BC, but the real birthdate of Jesus Christ is still unknown up to this date. December 25 was the date chosen by the early Western Church from the Julian calendar that has been adapted by Gregorian calendar. They chose this particular month and day, estimating of the time that Virgin Mary carried the begotten Son for 9 months.

Twelve days before Christmas, lovely decorations are wherever. Decorations like Christmas trees, lanterns, wreathe, mistletoe, replica of the manger, snowman, Christmas socks and all the known Christmas décor are lounging in every household. An hour or exactly 12 in the midnight before Christmas Day, church services are held with a presentation of Christmas carols sung in chorus. On Christmas Eve, families gather to pray and give thanks before devouring the special dinner together while some prefer to spend the Christmas by traveling and going to places, taking a vacation, or organize parties and events regarding the holiday.

And who will not forget the famous Christmas characters like Santa Claus and his army of elves, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, The Gingerbread Man; songs like ‘Joy to the World’, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’, ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’, ‘Hark! The Herald Angel Sing’… and the list go on.

Meanwhile, economically speaking, inclined with the holiday season is the skyrocketing number of retail sales among the businesses that give them an enormous advantage in terms of number of sales and total net worth.

Conclusively, Christmas is one powerful event in every individual to cherish the moment spent with the family. Give thanks to the One that made it possible.

When is Christmas Day 2019?

December 25