What is Independence Day?

Independence Day 2019 – In the United States of America, Independence Day is perceived every 4th day in July and is also considered as a federal holiday in all areas around the US. The holiday has been legalized in order to adopt and honor the Declaration of Independence dated back in the year 1776, 4th of July.

People normally celebrate Independence Day in several ways, such as carnivals, picnics, barbecue grilling, fireworks, parades, family reunions, concerts and sports. Formal celebrations like ceremonies and political speeches are also observed.

History and Background

A legal separation of Great Britain’s Thirteen Colonies happened on July 2, 1776 during the American Revolution. At the time when the Second Continental Congress agreed to vote on the resolution that was endorsed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, stating the Independence of United States from Great Britain. Congress bowed its attention to the Declaration of Independence, the declaration explained the decision regarding the formal announcement on the legalization of Independence Day as a national holiday which was accompanied by Thomas Jefferson as its main author.

However, before its formal declaration, Congress reviewed and revised the content of the Declaration. The Declaration of Independence was officially approved on July 4, 1776.

It is said that the Declaration was set off two days ahead of July 4 but Americans traditionally celebrate it on July 4 as stated in the Declaration. Few speculations occurred that the Congress actually signed a month after it had been legalized, even for a fact that the councils who signed admitted that they had signed it on the day it was announced.

On the latter part, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who became the Presidents of United States died on the exact day of July 4, 1826.

Independence Day celebration in its early years

During Philadelphia’s first anniversary, thirteen gunshots were fired to honor the celebration of Independence Day. The firing was done in the morning and in the evening, it was also held in Bristol, Rhode Island back in the year 1777 on July 4. The celebration was then followed with parades, speeches, troop reviews, fireworks, toasts and thirteen gun salutes.

After the year 1777 commemoration, other successive grand celebrations followed in the years 1778, 1779, 1781, 1783, 1791, 1870 and 1938. In the year 1938, Independence Day was officially declared as a paid federal holiday.

Until the present time, Independence Day is still being honored and celebrated by many people. It is also confirmed that the busiest week in America normally happened during the first week of July.

When is Independence Day 2019?

July 4