What is Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day Weekend 2019 – In the United States of America, ‘Labor Day Weekend’ is celebrated the weekend prior to every first Monday of September. As a national holiday, it is commemorated for the fruits of labor and their socio- economic accomplishment that reached strength, affluence and success through the contribution of the workers.

Unlike the ‘International Labor Day’ that is celebrated every 1st day of May or simply known as the ‘May Day’, former President Glover Cleveland established in 1887 and sealed the date in September, hesitated that it might pay homage to the affair; but later on upon discussion, it has been agreed by the side of the Knights of Labor and the Central Labor Union. In addition to that, the month has been chosen to fill up the space between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Labor Day is observed in almost more than eighty countries worldwide, countries that vary from cultures and history also have quite different ways in commemorating Labor Day Weekend. However, the certain similarity on how people perceive Labor Day is that all workers get the right to be at ease even just for a day.

Many of the observations are present during the celebration of Labor Day Weekend. For some students, this will be their last straw in organizing events and parties before the first day of school opening; Football game starts at the same time and many people went on to watch the first match. Fireworks displays, art festivals and some major events are held during this season. This also marks the end of summer solstice and the beginning of fall.

Considered as a federal holiday since 1894, government offices and organization are closed in observance of the celebration. For many years, it has been a day of colorful parades and speech for prominent public figures, however, as the years have passed, it is only seldom that we witnessed this form of event and can only be seen during elections.

Another important part of the holiday is the retail sale among the consumers. Behind the famous ‘Black Friday’ after Thanksgiving Day, the retail and marketing industry takes its own advantage upon the resting labor workers and their families, but has been cynical for those who work in that industry and worse, obliged to work overtime.

Labor Day Weekend is one of the great opportunities to spend time with our loved ones. Make sure to make if fruitful, but not removing its history and significance to the labor union of the United States.

When is Labor Day Weekend 2019?

August 31 – September 2