What is Christmas (X-mas) Eve?

Christmas Eve 2019 – For many centuries, Christmas Eve is widely celebrated around the world. Children are always excited for the coming of Santa Claus with his group of reindeer down from their chimneys while parents are trying hard not to get noticed disguising as the ‘real Santa’. They quietly wrap the gifts for their kids as a reward or achievement for being nice the whole year round. Exciting as it sounds; Christmas Eve is one of the joyous holidays to be celebrated.

Inspired by Christianity, Christmas Eve is the night that Jesus Christ was born. According to the Bible, Virgin Mary delivered her son through the help of her husband, Joseph, in a manger. His birth completed the prophecy in the Old Testament that the King of Kings will be born and will be the ultimate savior.

Every night before Christmas Day arrives, church vigils are held until midnight. Christmas carols are audible around the corner and the spirit of Christmas is alive. Different decorations of Christmas lights and colorful lanterns with different designs are delightful to every eye.

Christianity, being the most influential factor for the traditions and customs that goes with the holiday, had spread throughout the world. At exactly 12 midnight, families gather to offer a thanksgiving prayer to Lord Jesus for a year of abundance, good health and the strength to face everyday setbacks and challenges they had experienced, and then spend the dinner together with a wide amount of menu on their table. In the United States, Christmas Eve celebration is not complete without fruitcake. In different countries, a specific set of native delicacy is served according to what they had grown up with.

Outside every community, Christmas parties are side by side. Gift giving is also essential every Christmas Eve with families, relatives, friends even for special persons that deserves to be given a gift.

On the other hand, Jewish tradition has different approach in celebrating Christmas Eve. Jews referred to it as ‘Nittel Nacht’. Since the 1500’s, they mourn for the birth of Jesus Christ and decline to join in a Torah Study as they might be the aim of the race discrimination execution that happened during Christmas Eve, they tend to stay away from synagogues and worship halls and rather spend the night at home in safety. Their alternative solution is to play board games, traveling and spending the night together with their loved ones quietly.

The bond of every family is strong during these days. It has been consciously disseminated among the people that every Christmas season is the season for every family to celebrate the birth of the Savior together.

When is Christmas Eve 2019?

December 24