September 2019 Calendar – The remarkable season of the golden trees begins every autumn. The month September is the start of the falling leaves and the precedence of winter. Being the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar; this month contained a lot of significant events in world history. Its name was kept in the original form under the Roman calendar ‘Septem’, which literally means the number seven in their list of the order of the months.

The zodiac signs that exist in the month of September are Virgo and Libra; while the birthstone that it represents is Sapphire which means the ability to think clearly.

In North America, September is the beginning of the annual opening of the school year. In the United States, they celebrate the beginning of the month on Labor Day, which is as a national and federal holiday. Labor Day occurs every first Monday of September, when laborers from across the country celebrate the day with their families in festive parades, musical events and by watching football games. People also shop in retail stores taking advantage of the huge sales after Thanksgiving.

The Twin Tower tragedy also occurred during this month on September 11. Today, every year since the incident, a vigil is held within the vicinity of where the World Trade Center buildings stood to commemorate the event and celebrate the lives of the fateful victims of the tragedy. Flowers, candles and prayers are offered in remembrance.

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