May 2019 Calendar – To honor the Greek Goddess Maia and her Roman counterpart Bona Dea, the month of May is offered to her. The fifth month in the Gregorian calendar symbolizes fertility. Another alternative derivation is from Ovid, a Roman poet, dubbing the month of May for the ‘maiores’ or ‘to the elders’ before June as the ‘iuniores’ or ‘the young people.

Gemini is the Zodiac for those who were born in this month. According to astrology studies, the twins’ symbol represents the two mortals that became gods after death, Diocsuri. Its ruling planet is Mercury and their birthstone is the emerald.

One significant event that annually takes place in May is Mother’s Day. Some countries celebrate it in March, but the most familiar date falls in May. This day is offered to all mothers, grandmothers and mother figures alike; to respect, honor and pay a token of gratitude to them on this day. It is an opportunity for those daughters and sons who are coy and too shy to show affection and appreciation every day. Greeting cards, flowers and sentimental items are just some of the gifts that can be given to the loving mothers, accompanied with a message of love and gratitude.

Another day to remember during this month is International Labor Day that coincides with May Day. It is a public holiday to commemorate the Labor Union and their collective work effort to build progress in society. In different countries that honor the workers, they pay tribute by organizing mobilizations followed by speeches within different sectors. May Day, on the other hand, is a spring holiday celebrated in the United States and European countries.

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