August 2019 Calendar – Before this month was known by its present name, it had derived from the Latin word, Sextili, for being the sixth month in the Roman calendar. Led by Romulus in 573 B.C. the month of March was the first month of each year. King Noma Pompilius then added January and February which then made it the 8th month. Originally filled with 29 days, Julius Caesar added 2 more days to make it 31 and named it for honoring Augustus for overcoming challenges under the ancient acquisition of Egypt.

In astrology, the month of August is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. The birthstones represented are peridot and sardonyx which symbolize strength and protection and are believed to bring happiness and stability of relationships with friends and loved ones, and attract good fortune.

In the modern world, August represents the opening of the annual school year in the United States and marks the last month of summer. While in European countries, it is the start of worker’s vacations. In addition, the month of August symbolizes the season of harvest in many countries.

In the Philippines, the month of August signifies the ‘Month of Philippine Language’. Aside from that, a lot of countries, especially in the eastern part of the globe celebrate their independence day such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea as well as Singapore.

In Japan, Bon Festival is held by the traditions and customs of the Buddhist religion and became an opportunity for family gatherings. Workers are given 3-5 days off from work to take a vacation or be with their families for a reasonable period of time.

Meanwhile, for left handed people, a special tribute for them occurs every 13th of August as the ‘International Left Handers’ Day’. There are also unusual commemorations such as the ‘Goat Cheese Month’ in America, ‘Happiness Happens Month’, ‘What Will be Your Legacy Month’, ‘World Breastfeeding Week’, and ‘Win With Civility Month’.

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