January 2019 Calendar – The month of January has always been considered by many as the start of a new beginning. This is because the month of January is the first month of the year. It is here where people make New Year’s resolutions as well as plans for the entire year and what needs to be left behind from the previous year.

The various holidays in the month of January include but are not limited to New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. In the western side of the world, the month of January is attributed to the season of Winter. In fact, it is the coldest month for the entire year in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, it is the summer month in the Southern Hemisphere. January contains 31 days, a Garnet birthstone which symbolizes constancy, and the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. The flower for the month for January is Carnation.

January was named after the Roman god Janus who is known as the god of doors. The Roman god Janus symbolizes all beginnings and the ability to see all the things that happened in the past and those that will happen in the future. The month of January was designated as the first month of the year around 450 B.C. Numa Pompilius added January to the Roman Calendar sometime around 700 B.C.

Meanwhile, if you believe in astrology, the month of January could be a challenging month for some people. This is because they might still be affected by the planet’s seasons. Accordingly, this is in relation to the ancient times of  hibernating. In addition, the month of January is perceived as a period of many paradoxes, specifically on the intertwinement of emergence and reclusiveness.

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