February 2019 Calendar – The month of February is usually anticipated by hopeless romantics since this is the month wherein Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Every 14th of February is the yearly celebration of Valentine’s Day. Hence, the month of February is also known as the “Love Month”.

Aside from being a romantic month, February is also considered unique because it is the only month that has 28 days compared to other months that have 30 or 31 days. During leap years, the month of February has actually has 29 days. February originally had 29 days; however, Augustus Caesar took one day from it and added it to August. This was the reason why the month of August was named after him.

Being the second month of the year, February’s birth flower is Primrose. In 700 B.C. Numa Pompilius added the month of February and January so that the calendar would be equivalent to 355 days in a lunar year. Meanwhile the birthstone for February is the Amethyst which represents sincerity, wisdom, spirituality, humility and piety. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter during the month of February, while it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The Zodiac Signs in February are Aquarius and Pisces.

Holidays which occur during the month of February include the Chinese New Year, National Freedom Day, President’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and the ever popular Valentine’s Day. It has been said that the Valentine’s Day is the ultimate period of the year where people publicly and extravagantly celebrate love. This is not only love between lovers or couples, but this is also a celebration of love among family members and friends. This is the time of the year where color of red is prevalent and the heart shape is displayed evidently everywhere.

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