What is the Summer Season?

Start & End of Summer 2019 – Summer climate is the warmest among the four seasons and occurs between the spring and autumn season. The timing of summer also differs among countries. For example, when it is summer in the South, it is winter in the North. According to science that is accompanied by human studies, during the summer season, day times are the longest and night times are the shortest.

Known as the hottest season, summer is widely known as the time to go to the beach and get a tan. In the northern hemisphere, summer solstice begins in June lasts until September, before the autumnal equinox, while in the southern hemisphere it starts in late December.

Aside from its scorching hot temperature, summer is associated with dry weather. Depending on the location on the map, summer season in some regions can bring rain that causes hailstorms, as well as strong winds that can lead to tornadoes. During summer, daytime hours are longer and the night time is shorter.

The tropical countries hail their throne when it comes to the best summer destinations. Every traveler and vacationer plans ahead of time just to make sure they have their itineraries seamless. Since summer time in most tropical countries coincides with cold temperature in the west, beaches in Asia, Mexico and South America are on the top of the list of destinations. Of course, do not forget the famous beaches in North America, the same place that the spring breakers travel to during the summer season in the United States. Tropical, watery fruits also grow in full and ready to be harvested during this time of the year.

In opposition to hypothermia, heat stroke is one of the most common phenomena that can happen in our bodies, it is also fatal if not treated immediately. Be sure to drink enough or plenty of water every day to avoid dehydration, wear comfortable and loose clothes made of light materials, and avoid walking without protection against direct heat. Use items such as umbrellas, caps and sunglasses with ultra- violet protection against sun rays. During the hot season,  almost every region is susceptible to a heat wave during summer so observe and be aware of the everyday weather forecast. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

When does Summer Start and End in 2019?

Start: June 21

End: September 23