What is the Winter Season?

Start & End of Winter 2019 – The winter season falls between autumn and spring. The winter solstice approaches the Northern Hemisphere.

It is time to build up Frosty the snowman and indulge in throwing snowballs as the Holidays approach and children  wonder if Santa had labeled them either naughty or nice. But aside from all these frozen expectations, what should we expect in this cold season?

On the northern part of the globe, especially in the United States, the calendar marks December 21st as the start of the winter, which lasts until March 19. The plow machines will be highly anticipated everywhere and a freezing environment is expected.

Outfits such as knitted scarfs, thermal jackets, boots, gloves, jeans and earplugs are the most common fashion in this high season of ice. In terms of health, these types of clothing can help avoid hypothermia, necessary since the human body cannot handle too much cold. Slipping on the ice is also common, so be careful when walking outside or performing outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating.

Traditionally speaking, in the United States, there are fictional characters or simply called personas that are associated with the winter. One familiar character is the friendly ‘Jack Frost’, which, according to the old tales, is a free spirited boy and jolly at times, but the dangers of turning someone’s entire body into frost when insulted is terrifying. Parents will often warn their children about going outside, frightened that Jack Frost will play tricks on them if their kids insist on playing outside in the winter morning. In the modern era, the ideal feature of Jack Frost is visibly seen on the movie ‘Rise of the Guardians’. Some of the winter characters are the ‘Old Man Winter’ or ‘Father Christmas’ (in Russian he is known as ‘Ded Moroz’), and who will forget Santa Claus, together with his reindeer living in the north pole, that bring joy in this cold holiday season?

On the other hand, winter can be dangerous, so always tune in to the daily weather forecast around the state. Especially in this phenomenon of climate change, make sure that awareness comes first before planning on a vacation or travel. But then, the celebration of the Holidays is always fun during these frozen times.

When does Winter Start and End in 2019?

Start: December 21

End: March 20