December 2019 Calendar – The last month of the year’s calendar, December is the beginning of the winter, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Children can take advantage of snow by building their own version of Frosty the Snowman. In addition, one of the happiest events for families are the Christmas holidays.

The month of December represent the birthstones turquoise, zircon and tanzanite while the zodiac signs associated with it are Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Globally speaking, a lot of holidays, be it a week or a month long, are celebrated during the entire month. Some examples are the ‘World Aids Day’ on the 1st, ‘International Day of the People with Disability’ on the 3rd, ‘Human Rights Day’ on the 10th and the ‘Day of Goodwill’ on the 26th.

In addition, most important and unforgettable, is the celebration of the birth of Christ that is every 25th of December. Though there are no accounts in history in when the Christ was really born, the influence of Christianity spreads its tradition around the world. Christmas is a wide holiday customary in almost every part of the globe. Gift-giving and Christmas tree decorating are some of the favorite activities of individuals during Christmas Eve on the 24th. Prayer masses are held in churches along with choirs that sing yuletide songs. Families gather around the dinner table to feast for the celebration and kids are excited to see what Santa Claus rewarded them with for the entire year of good behavior. This season is a great opportunity for families and friends to bond together and share their affection towards each other.

Last but not the least, the month of December is probably the most anticipated of all the months. Though the cold season sends shiver, the hearts of the people are warm during this jolly month.

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