October 2019 Calendar – Literally meaning the number eight, the month of October is situated as the 10th month of the current Gregorian calendar that is used widely as the international standard. The reason it is named after the number mentioned above is that it was previously held as the 8th month in the defunct Julian calendar. October is associated with the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere while it is summer in the south. This month signifies the presence of jack-o-lanterns and Halloween atmosphere since October 31st is the All Hallows Eve.

The birthstones that symbolize this month are opal and tourmaline; meaning faithfulness, fidelity and confidence. Owning a gemstone such as opal helps to keep the negative spirits away from the well-being. The zodiacs that lay beneath this month are Libra and Scorpio.

Children typically look forward to the end of October, for the day that they will wear their or their parent’s Halloween costume of choice, and be outside knocking on the neighbor’s door to shout ‘Trick or Treat!’ Candies and chocolates are the main reason for this excitement, sighting Halloween as one of the happiest and most exciting activities that children get involved with.

Halloween occurs every 31st day of October, before the yearly ‘All Saints Day’ for remembering the dead. Aside from Halloween costumes, parties are organized everywhere for the not so young students who like to party. The serious significance of this event tracks its history in the Christian dogma practices. Literally speaking, the ‘day of the hallows’ is offered to remember the saints and the departed loved ones that are soon to reach heaven. A vigil is set every night to pray and offer candles and prayers to the deceased. Nevertheless, the meaning of Halloween is now widely understood by the modern generation.

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