What is the Fall/Autumn Season?

Start & End of Fall/Autumn 2019 – Also known as autumn, fall is the season that follows summer and precedes winter. In the United States, there is a term called ‘autumnal equinox’, which simply means that the daytime and nighttime hours are the same. This occurs every 23rd of September, following shorter day time. Equinox means that the earth is standing up straight, the northern part aligned with the southern part equally. Autumn falls in different months, depending on the regions. It is greatly associated with casting off leaves on trees.

Autumn, derives from the ancient Etruscan root autu, the origin was copied by the Romans and became the Latin word autumnus. The Roman era had passed and the word was constantly used as the old French word autompne and was later changed back to its original form.

When discussing its yearly timeline, autumn occurs twice a year in the northern and southern hemisphere. However, it does not exist in the countries situated within or near the equator.

Imagined as the season of shedding of leaves, the colors will change starting from green, then to red, golden yellow and lastly, to orange. In western cultures, autumn includes the yearly traditional Thanksgiving Day celebration and Black Friday. There is also Halloween, where kids trick and treat around their neighborhood and then enjoy the fruit of their labor by consuming candies and chocolates.

Fall is also the time when people harvest fruits, vegetables and crops to prepare for the cold season. It is also the preparation for the start of school in North America. Animals prepare their stock of goods to place on their nest, nurturing fats and growing fur all over their bodies before a long hibernation during winter. This is a great season for birds’ migration, too.

Since this time is the transition of warm summers to cold winters, autumn is oftentimes illustrated as melancholic in literature. In physical and mental aspect, autumn can make a person feel unexplained sadness because of the fact that summer has passed and the cold winter is approaching. One of the cited literature is ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats, an English Romantic Poet; depicting sadness in autumn season.

To witness the trees change their colors to a warm and vivid palette is a wonderful attraction to the eye.

When does Fall/Autumn Start and End in 2019?

Start: September 23

End: December 21