July 2019 Calendar – Situated as the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar, July is considered as one of the mid-year months. The primary influence of the name derived from the famous Roman general, Julius Caesar, in remembrance to his date of birth. Preceding the name, it was first called Quintilis.

Those who were born in this month fall on the zodiac sign Cancer and Leo; Ruby is the birthstone of July which is linked to a sense of contentment.

The significance of this month derives from one of the historical events in the Unites States. Every 4th of July is the annual celebration of their independence. Considered as a national and federal holiday, Independence Day is a big celebration for American people. They associate this day with splendid parades, fireworks displays, and military exhibitions along with speeches from prominent politicians. People also tend to partake in events such as baseball games, music festivals, and amusement parks which is perfect for family gatherings.

In addition, decorations are highly visible and essential in every household. The American flag is sure to be present on many front doors. The colors red, white and blue are the primary colors for Independence Day. Families organize picnics and barbecues for the entire kin to feast on; while outdoor activities are held as well.

Canada also celebrates their independence during this month. Preceding the U.S. independence, they mark their calendar every July 1st. Also known as Canada Day, it honors the British North America Act of 1867 that merged the British Empire and Canada. Although is it not considered a legal holiday, proper observances are made across the provinces and for those Canadians who lives outside their homeland.

With its federal ambiance, Canada day—same as the United States—celebrates the event in the same form. The Maple leaf symbol of the flag can be seen everywhere, and the way the day is observed is also similar. Parades, events and picnics are everywhere.

Many countries honor their independence day in July. Whether customs and traditions are involved in each country, the significance of the freedom obtained are remembered. Thus, July can be considered as one of the months with the most number of Independence Day celebrations.

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