November 2019 Calendar – Another month that is derived from a number is the month of November. Literally meaning ‘nine’, ‘Novem is the original name of this month in the Roman calendar representing its place in the calendar year. In the present time, November is the 11th month, according to the Gregorian calendar system that is widely used nowadays by everybody.

Its birthstone symbol is topaz; which means friendship. The zodiac signs representing this month are Scorpio and Sagittarius.

There are 2 major events that happen during November. The first one is the All Saints Day on the 1st, followed by All Souls Day on the 2nd. A strong influence of the Catholic Church and later acquired by the Protestants, brought the tradition of the holiday. All the souls that passed the beatification process are considered as Saints. Hence, the 1st of November is the day for them. The 1st is the worldwide observance of the day of the dead. In Mexico and other Latin America countries, Dia De Los Muertos is another translation. In Portugal, Dia De Los Inocentes is the day for the children and infants that were already deceased before their knowledge of this world. The cleaning of their tombs (as the dead’s sanctuary) is another custom observed by some countries in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines. The cemetery is the place that serves as a location for family gatherings. Flowers, candles and sometimes food are common offers to the dead on this day.

Meanwhile, on the lighter side of things, Thanksgiving Day is held every 3rd Thursday of the month. Turkey is the main guest on the dinner table, together with a long feast of food to give gratitude to the abundance received from the previous year. After that, the ‘Black Friday’ event holds a long line of shoppers waiting for the stores to open to take advantage of the relatively huge clearance sale among their products.

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